Facility Leadership Team

Our leadership team

Corporate governance

Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital is owned by two congregations – the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters and the Sisters of Charity, now represented by St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA).

We are governed by two boards – the SVHA Board and The Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital Limited Board. They set our strategic direction and ensure that we comply with legal and legislative requirements.

SVHA have the operating rights over our hospital with the SVHA group executive managing the daily operations of the organisation to the highest standards. We all work together to realise the mission of our founders to serve all in need of care.

Hospital leadership team

The Executive Team, led by Daniele Doyle, helps ensure that we continue to meet the exceptional clinical standards for which we are known. The team makes decisions with guidance from our two boards.

To continue to enhance our highly developed clinical framework, the team relies on well-developed strategies, plans and initiatives, and is committed to providing resources and services that will support clinical service delivery, medical innovation and education. Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of our hospital.

It is our privilege to make a difference to those people entrusted to our care – our patients, their families and friends.




Daniele Doyle

Chief Executive Officer
Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital and St Vincent's Private Hospital Brisbane

Tel: 07 3326 3679
Email: kym.woods@svha.org.au (Executive Manager)





Mary Dalmau

Executive Manager – Mission
Tel: 07 3326 3534
Email: mary.dalmau@svha.org.au


Libbie Linley

Director – Clinical Services
Tel: 07 3326 3371
Email: libbie.linley@svha.org.au





Jenny Kilby

Executive Manager – Business Development & Marketing
Tel: 07 3326 3679
Email: jenny.kilby@svha.org.au





Lee-Anne Purbrick

Executive Manager – Corporate Services
Tel: 07 3326 3567
Email: lee-anne.purbrick@svha.org.au





Donna Ravn

Executive Manager – Quality & Risk
Tel: 07 3326 3548
Email: donna.ravn@svha.org.au





Kym Woods

Executive Manager – Support & Credentialing
Tel: 07 3326 3679
Email: kym.woods@svha.org.au





Elisa Knowlman

Executive Manager – Projects & Planning
Tel: 07 3326 3077
Email: elisa.knowlman@svha.org.au

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